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Whispers | Journal | Adventure | Wildbounds

Whispers: Sea Kayaking around Scotland’s North Coast

Rounding Scotland’s fearsome Cape Wrath in a solo sea kayak, adventurer Will Copestake deals with whispers of fear…

Cabin Fever | Idyllic Outdoor Escapes | Wildbounds

Cabin Fever: 11 of the World's Most Idyllic Outdoor Escapes

We don’t know about you, but we tend to get a little restless whenever we can’t get an outdoors fix. Right now, our feeling of cabin fever is at all all-time high.

Hiking to Lake Schrecksee in Germany’s Allgäu Alps | WildBounds

Wanderung zum Schrecksee in den Allgäuer Alpen

Eine Tageswanderung zum Schrecksee, einem der höchsten und schönsten Alpenseen Deutschlands.

 Outdoor Larder | citrus, chili and Talisker whisky | Wildbounds

Recipe: Slow Cooked Tacos with Citrus, Chili & Whisky

Chef Kieran Creevy’s mouth-watering slow cooked goat tacos were inspired by a trip to the Canary Islands for the start of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – one of the world’s greatest ocean rowing events

Chicken Satsivi Soup | Wildbounds | CampNotes

Recipe: Chicken Satsivi Soup

Expedition chef Kieran Creevy is renowned for his gourmet wilderness meals, which are inspired by local landscapes and cultures. This warming chicken soup was created while winter camping in the mountains of the Georgian Caucasus

Red Bean Stew & Cornbread | Wildbounds | CampNotes

Recipe: Red Bean Stew & Cornbread

Expedition chef Kieran Creevy is renowned for his gourmet wilderness meals, which are inspired by local landscapes and cultures. This hearty stew with fresh cornbread was created while trekking in the mountains of the Georgian Caucasus

Poulet Breton | Camp Notes | Wildbounds

Recipe: Poulet Breton

Just because you’re cooking over the campfire doesn’t mean you can’t go gourmet. This luxurious classic chicken dish from France's Brittany region is really simple but very classy, not to mention absolutely delicious.

19 Inspiring BAME Outdoor Instagram Accounts

19 Inspiring BAME Outdoor Instagram Accounts

Celebrate diversity in the great outdoors by following these awesome black, Asian and minority ethnic adventurers on Instagram.

Kepa Acero | Wildbounds

Interview: Surfer Kepa Acero

Serial pursuer of perfect waves, solo surf explorer, YouTube sensation: Basque surfer Kepa Acero is all these things and more. Chris Hunt caught up with Kepa to talk surfing, adventure and life.

Paw-some Adventure Dogs of Instagram

Paw-some Adventure Dogs of Instagram

Regardless of what else is going on right now, these amazing adventure dogs will bring a smile to your face. Warning: most of them have climbed more mountains than you have

Camp Notes | Wildbounds | Outdoor Essentials for Adventurous Women

8 Outdoor Essentials for Adventurous Women

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or an outdoors newbie, every girl needs solid, reliable kit. And if you’re anything like us, you’re itching to get out there right now. To get you kitted out, we’ve rounded up our favourite bits of women’s gear.

10 Best Outdoor Adventure Instagram Accounts

Die 10 besten Instagram Accounts für Outdoor-Abenteuer

Inspiration, Anregungen: Was auch immer Du suchst - dank dieser abenteuerlustigen Instagram Accounts hast Du jetzt mehr Denkanstöße als nach stundenlangem ziellosen Blättern.

Spooncarving | Simple Spoon Carving | Journal article | Wildbounds

Simple Spoon Carving

Regardless of its actual physical characteristics, there is something beautiful about a handmade object – and nothing is more satisfying than to hold a wooden spoon that you have created with your own hands.

James Brand | WildBounds | The Story | Brands

The James Brand | The Story

James is a brand that does things differently. Since 2012, they have been redefining the pocket-knife as an essential item of everyday carry for modern life

Meander Apparel | The Story | Meander Jacket, Edinburgh, Scotland

Meander | Die Geschichte

Die Meander-Jacke wurde entwickelt, um die Kluft zwischen Performance- und Lifestyle-Bekleidung zu überbrücken; damit Du auf langen Radtouren geschützt bist und Montag auf dem Weg zur Arbeit gut aussiehst.

Restrap | The Story | Yorkshire based, cycling-obsessed brand

Restrap | Die Geschichte

Diese radelbegeisterte Marke – gegründet und  weiterentwickelt in Yorkshire – baut handgefertigte Fahrradtaschen, Rucksäcke und Zubehör von außergewöhnlicher Qualität.

Field Guide: Innsbruck | WildBounds

Wegweiser: Innsbruck

Das historische Innsbruck ist die geschäftige Hauptstadt Tirols, ein perfekt gelegener urbaner Ausgangspunkt für Bergsport und Outdoor-Abenteuer.

Field Guide: Salzburg | WildBounds

Wegweiser: Salzburg

Salzburg ist nicht nur ein unglaubliches Urlaubsziel, sondern auch ein Muss für Outdoor-Fans.

Field Guide: Rocklands, South Africa

Wegweiser: Rocklands, Südafrika

Rocklands, Südafrika. Oranger Felsen, endloser Himmel und das unglaublichste Grillgut, das Du je haben wirst.

Friday Detours | 3rd July 2020 | Wildbounds

Friday Detours: 3rd July 2020

This week: the ‘real’ new Land Rover Defender, a 3D-printed vegan steak, the timeless appeal of the campfire, a Brecon Beacons microadventure and a closer look at a recent Antarctic ‘first’….

Detours 26 June 2020 | Wildbounds

Friday Detours: 26th June 2020

The price of failure, adventure on film, the death of the digital camera, surfing funnies and a sobering look at what it might be like to go camping post-COVID.

Detours 19 June 2020 | Wildbounds

Friday Detours: 19th June 2020

Take a look at amazing tiny worlds, as well as Range Rovers and Mars Rovers. Discover how the lightbulb in your room might give away your most precious secrets and see how much you know about the world’s greatest hiking trails.

Detours 12 June 2020 | WildBounds

Friday Detours: 12th June 2020

This week we take your tastebuds on a trip, mark a significant Everest ascent, marvel at the year’s most incredible photographs and showcase the most epic adventurers.

Words to Live By Wildbounds JOURNAL CULTURE & PIONEERS

Words To Live By: 12 Inspirational Outdoor Quotes

A dozen moving and motivational life lessons from the outdoor greats, drawn from the work of best-loved writers from John Muir and Henry David Thoreau to Robert Macfarlane and Cheryl Strayed

115 Porter film | Culture & Pioneers | Wildbounds

Life as a Himalayan Porter

It’s arguably the toughest job in the world. Nepal’s porters carry back-breaking loads for a pittance, relying on tourist tips to survive. Things have to change. This is the most powerful film about trekking in Nepal that you will watch this year.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott | WildBounds

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

Der berühmte Polarforscher wird gleichermaßen für seine Leistungen gefeiert und für seine Fehler verspottet - es ist keine faire Abrechnung mit dem Mann, schreibt Jack Hart.