Friday Detours: 29th May 2020

This week: A dose of otherworldly escapism, pro riders in lockdown, the secrets of hydration, best coffee gadgets and a superb climbing film from the west of Ireland.

29th May 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Otherworldly escapism
Kinda sick of life on Earth right now? We hear you. Get a dose of otherworldly escapism with National Geographic’s top 13 sci-fi reads. And yes, Dune is in there…

#2 Lockdown rampage
What have pro MTB riders been getting up to during lockdown? Amusing themselves at home in ever more dangerous and insane ways if episode two of Brendan Fairclough’s Home Rampage is anything to go by.

#3 The secrets of hydration
The forecast looks good, so plenty of people will be planning to head out this weekend. But if you’re a hiker or a trail runner, you really need to read this guide to managing heat and hydration in the hills first.

#4 Best coffee gadgets
If your morning doesn’t start without coffee, you’ll appreciate this little list from The Handbook. These gadgets will help you elevate your home coffee game to pro barista levels.

#5 Film: 'A Feather in the West'
Owey is a small wild island just off the west coast of County Donegal, Ireland. Last year, a team of Irish trad climbers visited Owey to put up some monster new sea cliff routes against a backdrop of Atlantic swells and wheeling gulls. This gorgeous new film tells their story.


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