Friday Detours: 5th June 2020

This week: climbing Everest in a global pandemic, military off-road tech, the murky world of French club rugby, essential tent TLC and how to carve a spoon.

5th June 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Everest in isolation
Last year, Everest saw dangerous and fatal crowding. This year, thanks to Covid-19, the spring climbing season was almost a complete write-off. But, with global attention focused on Coronavirus,  three Chinese teams have managed to reach the top of the world from the Tibetan side, seeing a different, quieter side to the world’s highest peak.

#2 Incredible military off-road land trains
At the height of the Cold War, the US Army constructed a chain of manned radar stations some 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. To make this impressive logistical feat possible, they needed a load-hauler with equally impressive off-road ability. The answer? A Le Tourneau Land Train – one of the longest and most capable off-roaders ever built.

#3 The murky world of French club rugby
Ben Mercer’s no-holds-barred book about playing in the lower echelons of French club rugby is a revealing look at the nation’s fascination with the oval ball. It’s a great read, from underhand tactics to astounding revelations about players’ diet and nutrition (think lunchtime lagers and confit de canard for dinner…)

#4 How to take care of your tent
We’re all hoping that summer won’t pass us by without having had the opportunity to get out and enjoy at least a little bit of wild camping in the great outdoors. Make sure you’re primed and ready for adventure with Outdoors Magic’s top tips on tent TLC.

#5 Simple spoon carving
Need an easy project to while away a few hours in the garden? Read our simple whittling guide and learn to carve your first wooden spoon.

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