Friday Detours: 24th April 2020

This week: self-isolating on an uninhabited island, staving off quarantine boredom, surviving lockdown with your partner, nature web feeds to watch from home and a slow adventure to enjoy on your sofa.

24th April 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 The loneliness of the long-distance walker
Could you hack self-isolation on an uninhabited island? It emerged this week that Chris Lewis, an ex-Para who has spent the last two years walking the entire length of the UK coastline for armed forces charity SSAFA, is currently (happily) marooned on Hildasay in the Shetland Island, with just his dog Jet for company.

#2 Staving off quarantine boredom
One bored 15-year-old climber is getting herself through quarantine by training on a mini climbing wall in her bedroom, which she built herself in just a single week. That’s some pretty impressive DIY.

#3 Surviving lockdown with your partner
If being in the constant company of your better half is starting to grate, these tips from writer and adventurer Caroline Van Hemert might help. She spent six months travelling 4,000 miles by rowboat, ski, packraft, canoe and on foot with her husband Pat.

#4 Incredible live nature web feeds to watch right now
This week marked the 50th Earth Day, an annual global event that supports environmental protection. This year, for understandable reasons, it was largely celebrated online. This thoughtful Nat Geo piece from writer Elena Passarello reflects on how the internet can help people connect with nature.

#5 Exploring the Norfolk coastline
We love a bit of slow adventure. Take some time to enjoy this beautifully written and sumptuously shot feature from Sidetracked, produced in partnership with Filson, one of our favourite brands here at WildBounds. The piece documents a journey along the Norfolk coastline in a traditional lugger boat.

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