The team at Dewerstone are such all-round good eggs that when the Covid pandemic temporarily halted their plans to open a new shop on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia, they used the premises to run a food parcel scheme for local people instead. But then that’s kind of their thing. Right from the start, they’ve been trying to make the point that businesses can make a real difference when they genuinely care about trying to do good stuff.

Based in Dartmoor National Park, Dewerstone’s range is based around eye-catching screen-printed t-shirts, vibrant board shorts, and timeless sunglasses with frames made of wood or plant-based acetate.

And if you think the quality of their products is top-notch, just wait until you see their environmental and social responsibility credentials. Not only do they donate a chunk of their gains to non-profit partners like Save our Rivers and Gili Eco Trust, but the HQ where they screen print their organic cotton T-shirts runs off renewable energy, the whole company is certified carbon neutral, and they plant a tree for every garment that rolls out of the door.

In January 2022, Dewerstone even achieved B Corp certification (a demanding independent assessment that’s pretty much the gold standard of social and environmental performance), scoring a whopping 98.6. Not bad for a company that only started out hand-printing T-shirts in its founder’s garage back in 2013.

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