Friday Detours: 17th April 2020

Though we’re still grappling with the reality of life in lockdown, the key to getting through all this seems to be about staying active – both physically and mentally. Although it’s also ok to give yourself a break from time to time too…

17th April 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Stay fit in 15 minutes…
We’ve already scrolled past countless lockdown workouts from Instagram fitness ‘influencers’ this week, most of whom do not seem to understand that not everyone has their own home gym and personal exercise studio. This one from Men’s Health is actually pretty good though – it uses bodyweight-only moves to focus on your lower body and core, and you can do it in 15 minutes on your living room floor.

#2 …Or try this sofa to summit workout
However, if that one’s a little hardcore, then Trail mag are easing you in a bit more gently with their beginner-focused free sofa to summit workout as part of their Everest Anywhere campaign. It’s a good way to build hill fitness in order to beast all those mountains you’re going to climb when lockdown eventually ends…

#3 These boots are made for walking
…On which note, you might have recently invested in a new pair of walking boots. Here’s how to break them in at home, courtesy of Outdoors Magic, so you’re ready to put in the miles post-lockdown.

#4 Give yourself a break, it’s fine to eat more during lockdown
If all this exercise stuff is making you anxious, particularly if you’ve spent the last couple of days gorging on chocolate eggs, don’t fret. In fact, Outside magazine says it’s fine to eat more and exercise less right now

#5 Cool young people doing cool things
We’ll sign off with a little dose of adventure inspo. Like this piece from Adventure Travelmagazine on 11 of the most inspiring young explorers in Britain. These spunky go-getters have spent the last year traversing the world on foot, by bike and by boat – seeking out adventure in deserts, jungles and other far-flung corners of the earth. Lockdown must really suck for these guys. 

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