Friday Unbound: 29th June 2018

In this week's Friday Unbound roundup, Hawaii is fighting back against zombie cats (but is still insanely beautiful), The North Face offer refurbished clothes now, and a man sets a new, ridiculous FKT despite being attacked by a bear - and his own heart

29th June 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Hawaii has not had a good run of it lately, with an active volcano causing havoc on large parts of the island. If ever there were a time when you didn't need an invasion of zombie cats, it'd be then. No, seriously - check it out on Outside.

#2 Just in case Hawaii was starting to seem too terrifying, More Than Just Parks are here - to remind us of the incredible natural beauty of Maui, which is absolutely astonishing. Forget the erupting volcanoes, we're on the next flight to Haleakala National Park.

#3 We recently ran an article about sustainability in the outdoor industry and it seems The North Face were listening (or, you know, can think for themselves) - they've just launched The North Face Renewed, an online marketplace for refurbished kit. Instead of gear that just needs a zip replacing or tear stitched up ending up in landfill, it can be sent out on a whole new adventure, which is just awesome.

#4 Despite scrapping with a bear and having a major heart attack, American Holly "Cargo" Harrison recently set a new, unbelievable FKT: a trek from Patagonia to Alaska. He completed the 14,481 mile trek in 530 days, which is approximately four years faster than the previous record, held by British explorer George Meegan. Outside recount his incredible story here.

#5 ONAK canoes aren't just based on origami, they are origami. This is a timelapse video of the ONAK crew unfolding one amidst incredible scenery - it takes them just over 10 minutes in real time, which isn't bad for a vessel using the same materials used to build tanks.

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