Goal Zero

It’s pretty hard to run anything – including a household, let alone a business – if you don’t have a source of light to see what you’re doing. It’s a realisation that struck Goal Zero founder Robert Workman back in 2007, during his time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). So, he came up with a simple system – a solar power pack consisting of a battery, solar panel, and LED lantern – designed to bring light, safety and economic empowerment to rural communities.

It was the start of a global business with a humanitarian mission at its heart: to empower people by putting a reliable source of power in the hands of every human being. Over the past decade or so, Goal Zero’s portable solar products have brought precious power to people in Haiti, Japan, the USA, the Philippines, Tanzania, Nepal, Puerto Rico, India and elsewhere. The brand’s best-in-class tech, which encompasses everything from off-grid power stations to mountable solar panels, has proven its worth in multiple disaster zones, as well as in some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable regions.

Their reliability and efficiency also make Goal Zero products the natural choice for off-grid adventures, whether you’re heading off to hike a long-distance trail, spend a week in the hills or go off on an extended vanlife tour.

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