Friday Detours: 14th August 2020

The best outdoor news and inspiration from across the web. This week: family climbing, lockdown training, ocean heatwaves, girl skaters and the best adventure dogs

14th August 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 It’s a dog’s life
Dogs can make the perfect adventure companions. But you’ll probably need a breed that can keep up with you, and who will love being in the great outdoors. To help you pick the right option, here are 8 active breeds to consider.

#2 Epic family adventure
Climber Leo Houlding and family, including his wife, 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, have summited the 10,853ft (3,350m) peak of Piz Badile in the Swiss-Italian Alps. The epic four-day adventure was planned by Leo to mark his 40th birthday. Talk about following in daddy’s footsteps…

#3 Staying strong during lockdown
Now indoor climbing gyms are finally open again, we’ve been able to get a much-needed vertical fix. But how did top climbers get through lockdown? Neil Gresham reflects on home-based training techniques, from hangboarding to home-made walls.  

#4 Motion in the ocean
When a heatwave hits, many people flock to the seaside. But a new study has suggested that heatwaves can also affect marine life, as warming water temperatures can force sea turtles, whales and other wildlife to migrate thousands of kilometres in the world's oceans.

#5 Skate like a girl
Photographer Jenny Sampson has documented the US West Coast skating scene in a series of portraits of skateboarders. The prints were made using the wet-plate collodion process, a technique invented in 1851, which results in striking vintage-style images.

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