Friday Unbound: 5th October 2018

This week, our Friday Unbound round-up of all things adventurous takes us to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, across the world with Nat Geo's photographers and up El Capitan with Alex Honnold

5th October 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 We know we fangirl Alex Honnold a little bit, but the guy free soloed El Capitan, for Pete's sake - we reckon that's worth a bit of recognition. It seems the guys at Nat Geo agree, since they've made a film all about his record breaking exploits, called Free Solo. Here's the trailer.

#2 Inspiration for getting outdoors is often not needed - hell, we don't reckon you need convincing to explore more - but just in case yours is waning, Nat Geo have hit the jackpot once again. They've compiled this collection of 46 incredible images from stunning locations around the world. It's guaranteed to crank your wanderlust up a few gears.

#3 Attempting to save the natural world from human-caused climate change is something we care a lot about - we work closely with brands who have a strong commitment to sustainability and nurturing wild places. It is, however, a pretty bleak fight. This in-depth analysis from The New York Times lays out how climate change could have been solved years ago.

#4 The Transatlantic Way is more than a race - it's a ludicrously tough but fantastically rewarding experience. Riding between Dublin and Cork on The Wild Atlantic Way, the race covers 2500 km in a single stage race. Competitors have to figure out their own route and judge how much rest they need, which typically involves crashing wherever there's space. Photographer Rich Marshall documented it for Sidetracked.

#5 For the next five months, we're backpacking round the world, testing out gear from our Store and generally adventuring - it's a tough gig, we know, but someone's got to do it. If you're in need of some regular detours from working life, keep one eye on our Instagram and Journal - we'll be posting regular stories and will document our most epic experiences. Next stop: hiking in Canada's Algonquin Park.

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