Friday Unbound: 14th December 2018

In this week's round-up of adventure stories, we're roaming from mountains to the oceans in search of outdoor inspiration

14th December 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Snowboarding, skiing, tobogganing, whatever - however you hit the slopes, it's a powder addiction that we can whole-heartedly endorse. Snowboarding, though, takes centre stage in this highlights reel from German board-makers KORUA Shapes, shared by Field Mag - their unique designs allow the riders to play fast and loose with even the tamest slopes. This is top drawer wanderlust fuel, whether you're planning a trip to the mountains or not.

#2 If you're feeling burnt out as Christmas approaches, head to the woods - and don't plan to do anything. As Outside Online detail, immersion in the great outdoors is a proven antidote to stress, anxiety and depression, but you need time to simply appreciate the peace and quiet to really reap the benefits. Isolating yourself in a remote Scottish bothy will do little to relieve stress if you're recording the whole thing on Instagram and waiting for the likes to roll in.

#3 The original Golden Globe Race in 1968 was dubbed a "voyage for madmen" on account of there being only one competitor to return from the solo, non-stop race around the world. Right now, modern competitors are still out there racing back to Falmouth on the 50th anniversary of the original race, though Susie Goodall is no longer among them - her vessel was caught in a ferocious storm in the Pacific Ocean and she was rescued by a cargo ship two precarious days later. The Brit can hold her head high for entering the race, as far as we're concerned.

#4 It was after a backcountry canoeing trip in Canada's remote Algonquin Park that Sidetracked decided they needed to explore better water filtration systems, so they turned to LifeStraw and their Go bottle. We know how they feel - it was in that same landscape that we tested out LifeStraw's simple and effective water filtration bottles and straws. Needless to say, both us and them were astounded by the results.

#5 It might come as a surprise that adidas have stealthily improving the environmental sustainability of their production - no mean feat when you're one of the biggest brands in the world. In their partnership with Parley for the Oceans, they're removing plastic pollution from the seas and transforming it into shoes and apparel. Each pair of Parley shoes contains roughly 11 plastic bottles and adidas hope to sell 11 million pairs in 2019, which is a pretty impressive haul by any measure.

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