Friday Detours: 27th November 2020

Our regular round-up of outdoor lifestyle news and inspiration from across the web. This week: heartbreakingly cute penguins, adventure goats, the impact of COVID-19 on US public lands, the invidious camping colour bar and an epic canoe adventure in the Scottish Highlands

27th November 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Breath-taking ocean photography
This Instagram gallery showcases this year’s winners of the Ocean Photography Awards, which recognises the work of both amateur and professional photographers. It also includes the cutest pic of two penguins that we’ve ever seen… ⁠⠀

#2 Meet Frankie, adventure goat 
Frankie is a Nigerian pygmy goat who has travelled over 60,000 miles across the US with her two owners, riding along in their Airstream silver bullet trailer. She’s possibly the greatest goat of all time. Wait, does that mean she’s the GOAT goat?

#3 Coronavirus overcrowding on US public lands
A largely unanticipated effect of the coronavirus pandemic has been the huge increase in staycations, meaning that people have flocked to national parks and beauty spots. It’s been a problem in the US as well as in the UK, as National Geographic reveals in this eye-opening report.

#4 Why black people don’t go camping
Clue: it’s not because black people don’t like the great outdoors or don’t enjoy open fires. Actually, the barriers for BAME outdoors lovers enjoying national parks and trails are often both invisible and insidious, as this thought-provoking article points out 

#5 The Last Wilderness of Scotland
As soon as lockdown lifted, adventurers Ian Finch and Jamie Barnes set out for the Scottish Highlands on a canoe adventure to link a series of remote lochs – Maree, Fionn, and Fada. Prepare yourself for some epic landscape shots, courtesy of Sidetracked.

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