Friday Detours: 10th April 2020

Another dose of indoor escapism designed to distract, divert, edify, entertain and amuse. This stuff has helped to keep us sane this week – hope it does the same for you, dear reader…

10th April 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Self-isolation lessons from the wilderness
This adventure couple spent a year in self-imposed isolation, living in 4,400 square kilometres of wilderness in northeastern Minnesota. They didn’t cross a road or enter a building for a whole year. Here’s what the experience taught them, from Men’s Journal.

#2 Where can you run in an hour?
With our Government-mandated ‘one form of outdoor exercise per day’, that question has never been more relevant right now. This collaborative film from Patagonia and Duct Tape Then Beer follows three runners and their hour-long escapes into glorious, unbridled nature.

#3 This ski-mo short film is our favourite bit of indoor escapism yet
Adventure Journal thinks it might just be the adventure short of the year, and they may well be right. Follow the link for 57 seconds of stop-motion brilliance by Philipp Klein.

#4 Watch British climber Steve McClure’s 2019 onsight of Nightmayer in North Wales
Alright, no one can climb right now. But we can still enjoy a bit of vicarious rock action. This one from Epic TV has pretty much all the ingredients that a stone-cold classic trad route requires: sustained technical climbing, long runouts, iffy gear and a desperate high crux.

#5 Idyllic outdoor escapes in the world’s most amazing cabins
Last week, our cabin fever got so bad that we found ourselves scrolling through @Cabinporn’s Instagram feed thinking about where we’d self-isolate if we could. Then we put them all in a list. Sorry (not sorry). Don’t go and find them by the way – definitely #stayhome.

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