Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Our Top Picks

Here it is: The WildBounds Gift Guide, our carefully curated list of perfect presents to save 2020, with must-have outdoor kit, essential everyday gadgets and sleek, stylish accessories

1st November 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

What. A. Year. Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been one to remember. In fact, it might be better termed an annus horribilis. At various points over the last twelve months, we’ve even been tempted to write it off altogether. Maybe you were quietly planning to do the same. But before you do, check out our list of awesome Christmas gift ideas, which might just be enough to change your mind about 2020. After all, the year did bring us some truly innovative and stylish kit from new and emerging brands, all included in our top picks. You’ll also find plenty of great stocking stuffers, mixed in with a few showstopping presents designed to save Christmas – and your year too. So, look on the bright side. If any of this lot ends up wrapped underneath your tree, at least you’ll know that 2021 is guaranteed to be a better year than this one.

BioLite CampStove

#1 BioLite | CampStove 2

The perfect gift for off-grid adventurers, BioLite’s innovative, award-winning camping stove does more than simply cook your meals. It also turns fire into electricity, allowing you to charge your devices via its integrated USB port. The highly efficient combustion chamber runs on twigs and bits of wood, so you can collect all the fuel you need from around your campsite without needing to bring heavy, bulky gas canisters. SHOP NOW

Earebel Headband JBL Headphones

#2 Earebel | Headband + JBL Headphones

For gym bunnies and pavement-pounding runners who need beats to power their workouts, Earebel’s innovative headphones make the perfect present. With sound provided by JBL, the full bass-heavy sound and excellent noise-cancelling will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. Bluetooth connectivity pairs with your smartphone in a flash and a control panel on the left headphone lets you adjust the volume, skip songs and answer calls via the inbuilt mic. But best of all, they fit securely into Earebel’s sweat-wicking headbands for a super secure, comfortable fit. SHOP NOW

Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase

#3 Filson | 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase

Maybe you have a high-flying brother – you know the type: career-minded, takes a lot of business trips, has a subscription to GQ or Esquire. This rugged yet stylish briefcase from Filson will make their Christmas and help them make an impression at the office too. Built from heavyweight tin cloth, the brand’s toughest fabric, it will go around the world without wearing out. The weatherproof oil finish will keep their laptop dry whatever the weather, while an interior laptop divider and multiple pockets make it easy to stay organised. SHOP NOW

Gibbon Classic Line Treewear Set

#4 Gibbon | Classic Line Treewear Set  

Given how 2020 has gone, it might be time to try and put a little spring back in somebody’s step. Why not do it literally, with Gibbon’s Classic Line Treewear Set? Easy to set up and ideally suited to beginners, this set is a great way to get someone into slacklining. This casual sport has exploded in recent years and is widely recognised for its range of benefits – it’s not only great fun and super sociable, but also aids balance, core strength and lower body fitness. SHOP NOW

Helinox Chair Zero

#5 Helinox | Chair Zero

Got a keen camper in the family? Helinox make the best camp chairs around, and the Chair Zero is the lightest and most compact chair in the range. This small but perfectly formed featherweight champ makes the ultimate camping companion. And it’s sturdy too, since the Chair Zero utilises the same light but strong aluminium alloy construction as its bigger brothers and sisters. SHOP NOW

Matador Camera Base Layer

#6 Matador | Camera Base Layer

For photography nuts – people who scoff at smartphone cameras and Instagram filters, and instead like to talk about shutter speeds, ISOs and apertures – buy them Matador’s Camera Base Layer. It will protect their precious SLR from bumps, scratches and water damage thanks to its rainproof fabric, rolltop closure and cushioned fill, which also acts as insulation to help prevent battery drain. It fits most DSLR camera setups and works around your existing camera strap, or clips to bags and harnesses for easy carrying. SHOP NOW

Monokel Barstow

#7 Monokel | Barstow 

Summer might seem a long way off, but style-conscious sunseekers will still appreciate Monokel’s unique and uber-stylish shades. They’re kind to the planet too, since these hand-crafted sunglasses are made from an eco-friendly, plant-based acetate. The understated, versatile frames will suit both men’s and women’s faces, and high-quality Carl Zeiss Vision lenses offer 100% UV protection. SHOP NOW

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Backpack

#8 Mystery Ranch | Urban Assault 21 Backpack

US brand Mystery Ranch make rugged packs for Navy SEALs and pararescue teams. But they also make durable, considered daypacks for urban missions. The epitome of clean, functional design, the Urban Assault 21 is built for travel and everyday carry, featuring an innovative three-zip design so you can open the rucksack right up for quick and easy interior access. It’s the ideal pack for that work or college friend who’s always rummaging around for their keys, phone, wallet or purse. SHOP NOW

NEMO Fillo Pillow

#9 NEMO | Fillo Pillow

As far as we’re concerned, everyone should own a NEMO Fillo pillow, regardless of whether they regularly camp out or not. That’s because, although these packable, lightweight camping pillows make the perfect sleeping bag buddies, they’re also a super useful bit of kit for almost any trip, whether you’re taking a long road trip or catching a red-eye flight. SHOP NOW

nomadiQ The BBQ

#10 nomadiQ | The BBQ              

There’s always someone in the family who loves Christmas more than anyone. It’s not just the food, the conviviality, the gift-giving. It’s that indefinable Christmas spirit that comes from spending quality time with family and friends. If only there was a summertime equivalent, right? Well, with the nomadiQ BBQ, there can be. We’re not saying you should attempt to cook a turkey dinner on it in mid-July – maybe stick with grilled meats – but this lightweight, portable BBQ sure is a great way to bring people together. SHOP NOW

Pig & Hen Sharp Simon

#11 Pig & Hen | Sharp Simon

What do you buy the man who has everything? This premium quality bracelet, handcrafted from authentic ship’s rope, will be a sure-fire winner. The understated Sharp Simon from Pig & Hen will suit any man who values both style and substance, while the low-key looks make it as suitable for wear in the great outdoors as in the city. SHOP NOW

Snow Peak Titanium Backpacker's Cup

#12 Snow Peak | Titanium Backpacker's Cup     

Japanese brand Snow Peak makes some of the most stylish yet supremely functional outdoor gear around. Which means that their products will be appreciated by even the most committed ultralight campers. Take their classic titanium backpackers’ cup, for example. It is uberlight and just the right size for sipping trail coffee, but the shallow bowl also means you can scoop water from streams and springs. Plus it has graduated measurements for adding just the right amount of water to freeze-dried backpacking rations. Those details might seem extreme, but for gram-counters they all add up to make this a cup worth carrying. SHOP NOW

VSSL Flask

#13 VSSL | Flask     

VSSL was one of the first brands we took on at WildBounds. Why? Because we loved their clever, beautifully engineered kit, like this premium metal ‘flask-light’. It’s an LED torch and a hip flask in one, with a glass-treated interior to preserve taste and quality, plus a pair of collapsible shot glasses alongside a torch and compass. Wrap this up for your other half and stick it under the tree with a bottle of single malt Scotch or a Kentucky bourbon, and you’ve basically just won Christmas. SHOP NOW

Wacaco Minipresso NS | Wildbounds

#14 Wacaco | Minipresso NS      

If there’s a must-have coffee gadget this year, it’s the Wacaco Nanopresso. It’s a portable hand-powered coffee machine that delivers a big, rich espresso hit wherever you are – at the office, travelling or out exploring the great outdoors. This version is compatible with all Nespresso capsules too, ensuring you can enjoy maximum flavour with minimum fuss. SHOP NOW

Kelly Kettle

#15 Kelly Kettle

For us, every passing Christmas seems to bear an increasing resemblance to an an episode of classic late nineties BBC comedy The Royle Family – complete with choruses of, “Make us a brew, Ant’ny…” It’s probably true of every family: someone generally ends up being the designated tea-maker. For that person, a Kelly Kettle would be an ideal gift. This clever little outdoor kettle can boil water in a matter of minutes from whatever fuel you have to hand – small twigs, sticks and even pinecones. So, whenever and wherever you need a brew in the great outdoors, they’ll be able to oblige. SHOP NOW

BBCo Elan beanie

#16 BBCo | Elan Beanie

This cosy slouch bobble hat is certified vegan, since it is woven with acrylic wool rather than regular wool. But it is still super soft, warm and stylish, and made by a British brand to boot. So, it ought to make even your most environmentally conscious relative happy. But it’s also the perfect accessory for Boxing Day walks and cold winter weather, making it a practical seasonal gift too. Double win. SHOP NOW

Blunt Metro umbrella

#17 Blunt | Metro Umbrella

Umbrellas are always a practical, if slightly boring, Christmas gift. But not the Blunt Metro. This is basically the Dyson of umbrellas – its rounded tips and spinning, fully tensioned canopy mean it won’t snag on street furniture or fellow commuters. Simply push a button and the canopy auto-opens and collapses. Best of all, it is wind-tested up to 55mph, so it will cope with even the windiest days. SHOP NOW

Kelty Bestie blanket

#18 Kelty | Bestie Blanket

We all have that one friend. Your forever wingman, who lives for last-minute road trips and day-of concert tix. Who just plain gets YOU. We can’t imagine an adventure that wouldn’t be better without bringing your Bestie. Finished with super-soft fabrics on both sides, it’s great over rough rocks or pokey grass, around the campfire or the park, as an extra layer over or under your sleeping bag – or as a perfect Christmas gift for your BFF. SHOP NOW

Nordisk Mos down slippers

#19 Nordisk | Mos Down Slippers

Don’t let cold feet ruin Christmas. Or any future adventure, for that matter. These Mos Down Shoes provide unrivalled comfort underfoot and are filled with down, nature’s best insulator, to guarantee toasty toes. An anti-slip print on the sole and packable, compressible structure make them perfect for use anytime, anyplace – whether you’re heading to a remote bothy or just going to granny’s notoriously chilly old house for Boxing Day. SHOP NOW

Sierra Designs Meteor 3000 tent 2P

#20 Sierra Designs | Meteor 3,000 tent 2P

If you’ve got a friend who is always aspiring to live more simply or be more adventurous, we’ve got the perfect new hobby for them: wild camping. And as far as we’re concerned, Sierra Designs’ Meteor 3,000 two-person tent is just about the best beginners’ wild camping tent out there: lightweight, packable, roomy, easy to pitch and not too expensive for such a high-quality bit of kit. Also, it comfortably fits two, so you can accompany them on their excursions into the hills. SHOP NOW

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