Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks

Struggling for the perfect gift for that intrepid adventurer in your life? Check out our pick of the best outdoor gear around, all available on WildBounds

30th November 2017 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

An outdoor aficionado is both the easiest and most difficult person to buy a present for at Christmas. Consider it: whether they’re a camper, traveller, skier or snowboarder, climber, boardrider, urban explorer or any other kind of outdoorser, they’ve got a calling in life that you can pick a gift around. The problem, though, is they’ve probably exhausted that kit list – ever met a climber without climbing shoes or finger tape? Instead, focus on the lifestyle they’re pursuing: one orientated around time outdoors, being active and finding time for adventure in the everyday. It’s the kind of mindset we look for in the brands we partner with – independent outdoor collectives making high-quality, sustainable kit. So you can rest easy, knowing that the kit we’ve listed below will go down like a smooth malt come Christmas morn.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Trakke Fingal Backpack WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Trakke Fingal backpack. Perfect for Hiking, Trekking and Travel

Handcrafted by Scottish brand Trakke in their Glaswegian workshop, this backpack combines urban style with traditional outdoor materials for a unique aesthetic that we can’t get enough of. Its waxed canvas fabric and stainless steel buckles mean it’s about as durable as a rucksack can get, and as the material ages it will crease and fade in an imitable map of your adventures. With space inside for your Macbook too, the Fingal is purpose built for urban exploring.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Xtorm Power Bank Xtreme 10,000 WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Xtorm power bank, charger for trips and travel

Whether you’re setting out on a multi-day expedition or on the move in the city, keeping your equipment juiced is one of the most persisting first world problems to date. Handily, the Dutch brainiacs behind Xtorm tackled the issue head-on with the Power Bank Xtreme 10,000: a portable charger ready for anything you can throw at it. Waterproof, encased in a tough rubber case and with enough power to recharge four smartphones, this power bank definitely needs a place in your pack, whatever you’re doing.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks VSSL Flask WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, VSSL Gear Flask, Travel accessory for anyone who enjoys a drink on the trail

We all forget things when we go camping, but there are two items that you are going to seriously regret leaving behind once the sun goes down: a torch and a hip flask. The former is kind of a necessity and, well, did you really go camping if there’s not a drop of malt to toast the stars? That’s why (we assume) Canadian brand VSSL combined the two in this sleek long-barrelled flashlight – or flasklight, if you will. With a powerful LED torch and compartments inside for drinks and shot glasses, it’s the camping necessity you never knew you needed.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Horizon Heritage Merino Outdoor Socks WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Horizon Heritage Merino Wool Socks for hiking, wlaking, ramblers and any outdoor activity.

Getting socks for Christmas is a given, but it doesn’t need to be the scratchy, beige pair that Nana conjures up each year. Horizon have been making specialist performance socks for nearly two decades, but this year sees the launch of their new range, including these lifestyle heritage – and damned stylish – socks. The stripes and socks belie their performance credentials, too – these socks are more than capable of keeping pace with your outdoor adventures.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox, flatpack, lightweight multi-fuel wood stove.

Designed and made in Germany, the Bushbox from Bushcraft Essentials is a camping stove with a difference – you build a fire inside the frame using organic materials, like twigs and other camp debris. It’s the primal satisfaction of tending to an open flame fused with the practicality of a modern stove – a winning combination if you ask us. Inspired by survivalist ‘hobo stoves’, the Bushbox collapses in on itself for transit and is ludicrously lightweight, making it perfect for minimalist campers.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Belmez Chalk Bag WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Belmez Boulder Bucket Chalk bag, for bouldering and Climbing.

Branded the ‘dark side of climbing’, Spanish brand Belmez emblazon their provocative motto across the majority of their products: ‘Bouldering Came First’. It sums up this unique collective pretty well; working along graffiti artists and underground music producers in Madrid’s urban streets, Belmez stamp technically astute climbing gear with bold prints and slogans, creating distinctive gear that we just love. This chalk bag is durable and stylish to boot – perfect.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Burnt Custard High Contrast Top WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Burnt Custard UK Made Synthetic base layers and thermals for cold weather. Ski, Snowboard or hiking.

British brand Burnt Custard (the name is a story in itself) started producing baselayers for skiers and other outdoor adventurers a few years back, and since then they’ve established themselves as one of the most technically proficient and stylish brands around. Their High Contrast base layer – this long-sleeved top – is so comfortable it acts as a second skin, providing effective compression to enhance recovery without constricting mobility. What can we say – if you’re going to do something, get it right first time round.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Gloryfy Unbreakable G3 Black Sunglasses WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Gloryfy Unbreakable G3 Black Sunglasses, for adventure and outdoor sports

Outdoor and sport sunglasses have a tendency to look, well, a bit RoboCop-esque, shall we say. That’s why we were so stoked to discover Gloryfy Unbreakable, an Austrian brand producing sunglasses for outdoor pursuits with a heavy focus on style as well as performance. Engineered to stay secure and comfortable even as you get hot and sweaty, these sunglasses are some of the best we’ve ever encountered. Oh, and they’re unbreakable. No jokes.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks Amok Segl Hammock WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Amok Equipment lightweight segl camping hammock.

Hammocks split opinion, and rightly so – although comfortable and practical, they can be far from relaxing when you have to lie completely flat to avoid falling out. It’s a problem that the Norwegian engineers behind Amok have solved brilliantly. The Segl, their most basic hammock, uses a seamless construction and cinch buckles to reduce rocking and keep you comfortable throughout the night / lazy afternoon. Better still, it’s super lightweight and easy to put up for a hassle-free experience. This is one hammock we can all agree on.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Our Top Picks WildBounds Gift Card WildBounds Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the power to choose something for themselves – that and it’s a handy get-out clause if you’ve still got no idea what to buy them. These Gift Cards can be used across the entire WildBounds range, encompassing loads of great products from quality independent brands across the world. In fact, it’s not a get-out clause – it’s a guaranteed win.

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